The Good Guys

wicklow harbour sunrise.jpg

Uniformity isn’t our strong point. We believe that differences and uniqueness are valuable, and that’s why In Good Company works. Our unique talents work in unison to give as much value to our clients as possible.

We’re university graduates, photographers, artists, musicians, marketing experts, entrepreneurs, journalists, social scientists, tea-drinkers, coffee-drinkers, and one of us even likes pineapple on pizza. 

Some of us went to the same schools and some of us only met when In Good Company began to take off. Some like Oasis, some like Blur. There are only two things we all have in common – a love for creative solutions and one roof over our heads.

This is why we love helping our clients to tell their story – because we’ve got our own as well.

So if we can offer a nugget of advice to anyone working within a collective, it’s this: 

Be different, be on the same page.

sarah longworth