What we do

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Every business has a story, and we’re in the business of telling those stories.

In the age of information, it has never been more important for brands to truly connect with their customers. That doesn’t necessarily mean offering them a free slice of pie with every haircut, or telling them how wonderful they look when they walk through your door (although, that might help a little bit.)

What it means is this: showing the customers your individuality. 

SMEs all over the world are no longer pretending to be something they’re not. Rather than adopting larger-than-life corporate identities, small businesses are opting to differentiate themselves in the most brilliant way possible – by being themselves.

And helping people to be themselves is exactly what we do.

Our discovery sessions are special in that we spend some time with our clients, we see them in their workplace or they can visit our office for a chat. This allows us to better understand who they are, and to accentuate their identity in the work we do for them.

The brand story we gather from these sessions is a part of driving force behind the copy and design we create for our clients. Everything from the video we produce to the outsourced marketing we offer is customised to highlight the uniqueness of the client and their brand. 

From top to bottom, we help our clients tell a story – a story their customers love to hear.

sarah longworth