Designing Your Website – Why Collaboration Matters


“Hello, I’d like to order a website please. Medium-sized, mobile-friendly, and I’d like a cool video that plays on the landing page.”

“Not a problem, madam, that’ll be ready in fifteen minutes!”

Despite the massive strides humanity has made in communication technology, developing a website will never be the same as ordering a pizza.

Unlike ordering a pizza, where you choose your toppings before resigning yourself to a passive role in its creation, web design is an immersive process with both parties as creative participants. The ongoing conversation between client and designer is the fundamental difference between a high-performing website and a low-performing one, and making the most of that conversation is vital.

But aside from the obvious advantages of working alongside web aficionados (such as ourselves, ahem!), what else does collaboration bring to the table with regards to growing your business and developing your website?

1.       Getting the ball rolling.

Let’s be honest, most businesses put web on the long finger. It isn’t because they don’t understand the significance of a good online presence, their motivation is simply lacking because they don’t know where or how to start. All they need is a guiding hand.

Nothing gets a project started like opening up a conversation. Your journey towards an all-singing, all-dancing website begins the moment you start talking to the right people. All it takes is a phone call or an e-mail.

2.       Different perspectives.

The wonderful thing about teamwork is that it brings two separate parties, both full of their own knowledge and expertise, and allows them to combine their resource pools together to create experiences that people will love.

We’re a creative digital agency, and you could be a shoe-maker. We’ve never made a pair of shoes in our entire lives, but your insights into the process of shoe-making will feed into the website that we design for you. At the end of it all, your website will be perfectly suited and designed for customers who want to buy new shoes – and we’ll have a newfound appreciation for our own.

3.       Learn more about your customer.

You’re going to learn quite a bit about how the internet works when you collaborate on your new website. And one of the most important lessons you’ll learn is about customer behaviour.

Your website will be tailored, from top to bottom, to the needs of the visitor. How they interact with the website is of the utmost importance, and these valuable insights into their behaviour can be used to refine your site until the perfect user experience has been achieved.

4.       It saves time.

 Time is money, so don’t run out of time.

The old “two heads are better than one” phrase might be weatherworn, but only because it’s a fundamental nugget of wisdom that people often forget. Collaborating with professionals is a fast-track to your destination.

A project can travel at high speeds when the conversation between client and web designer is clear and productive. A clear plan and an understanding colleague will save you time and money.

5.       Finding new motivation.

 We’ve already discussed how collaboration is the best way to get a project started, but did you know that it’s also the perfect way to light a fire under your own personal drive to succeed?

When you collaborate on a web site, you don’t just learn about Google ranking, user experience, or responsive design – you learn more about your business. Telling your new associates about your vision and your goals for the future is a self-awareness exercise that motivates and focuses you even more on your further growth and success.

And, as we have learned from the responses we’ve gotten from previous clients – seeing your new website online for the first time reminds you of why you started in the first place, and how far you’ve come since then.