Why is Facebook Changing, and Should You Change Too?

Things are about to get interesting for businesses on Facebook.

Things are about to get interesting for businesses on Facebook.

Facebook is changing…again.

Except this time it’s much more important than the addition of a new cartwheeling donkey emoji. This update to the Facebook news feed creates some very interesting challenges for your business and how you will reach your audience on a social media platform that will be prioritizing “meaningful engagement.”

The Facebook news feed algorithm has been altered to prioritize content from users’ family, friends, and posts relevant to their local community. These changes are a part of an effort to make Facebook a more community-driven and meaningful experience without the noise of advertising, memes, and divisive news sources.

Mark Zuckerberg had a lot to think about regarding Facebook’s role in an agonizing year of “fake news”, “post-truth”, and “alternative facts”, and the social media giant came under scrutiny for their seemingly tolerant attitude to fabricated and harmful news being shared on their network – and this is believed to be the key reason for Facebook’s upheaval.

What does this mean for your business?

Facebook wants content that people can participate in. Content that spurs conversation and content that can be shared. The days of pandering with Internet memes and cute cats are well and truly over. Facebook won’t be a social network for the passive eye anymore, so it’s time to start planning how you’ll remain relevant in this brave new world of content marketing.

And we’ll have some hints and tips to help you survive these changes in a blog post later this week. So watch this space.

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