Reasons a Squarespace Website Can Revolutionise Your Business


Squarespace has become a household name in the realm of web design and hosting, and the benefits of choosing it for your business are game-changing.

 Since its inception in 2003, Squarespace has changed the way businesses handle their online presence and has transformed the way online sales are generated. Whereas, once upon a time, a business site was a Frankenstein’s Monster of off-site links and awkward add-ons – Squarespace provides a fully-integrated one-stop shop website that keeps customers on-site and mere clicks away from a purchase.

Maintaining and updating a website used to require either a strong command of HTML or long back-and-forth negotiations with your web designer, but Squarespace’s easy-to-use website-building and blogging features have democratized the process entirely. Your website is in your hands.

A recorded 55,620 companies are currently powered by Squarespace. These companies range from hip and trendy out-of-box ventures to corporate powerhouses like Pixar and Airwalk. With a constantly improving service and growing user base, Squarespace’s flexibility is attractive to every corner of the business world – but what can it do for you?


Squarespace Helps Keep Your Business Visible Online.

Squarespace is the most SEO-friendly web building and hosting software available. Every page you create comes with a built-in SEO box in which you can enter any and all high-ranking keywords relevant to your business. With Squarespace, there’s no need to fear the SEO boogieman anymore.

Your Website Becomes your E-Commerce Centre

Irish consumers spend over 9 billion euro online, and that figure keeps on rising and rising whether our business sector is paying attention or not. E-commerce isn’t the future, it’s the present, and Squarespace’s built-in e-commerce functionality creates a smooth experience for your customer from selection to purchase. They never have to leave your website once.


Updating Your Site is Easy.

Did we mention how easy it is to update and add pages to your Squarespace site? While you will definitely require some online know-how and a knack for creativity, Squarespace has made the process of maintaining your website as user-friendly as possible.

It’s Integrated with a host of third-party useful apps.

Whether it’s the convenient e-mail marketing tool of Mailchimp or faster blogging capabilities of AMP, Sqaurespace allows users access to a whole host of helpful third-party apps that turns their visit into a smooth and rewarding experience that encourages return visits.

Now that you know a little bit more about Squarespace and its game-changing features, maybe it’s time to find out what the trailblazing website builder can do for you and your business?