What Is A Discovery Session?


Let’s be honest, each and every one of us loves the chance to sit down with a cup of coffee, a plate of biscuits, and have a nice chat. But that’s not the only reason why we worked it into our business plan – we know that these meetings bring extra value to you, the client.

If it isn’t already quite evident, we don’t have very much in common with your standard digital marketing agency.  We like to get creative, we like to deviate from the status quo, and we like to develop real relationships with our clients. Not the kind of relationships built simply on phone calls, e-mails, and all the faceless interactions that create a kind of subconscious division.

We like to meet you, face-to-face, and get to know what you and your company are all about.

Whether it’s finding your brand voice in order to create compelling copy for your readers or establish a thorough understanding of your needs when it comes to your marketing plan, our discovery sessions allow for productive action to arise from a completely relaxed atmosphere.


Let’s take your website’s copy for example. Copywriting isn’t just about handsome words and convincing call-to-actions, it’s also about speaking to your customer in a voice they can trust. Developing that brand voice isn’t as easy as firing out a few bullet points in an e-mail – a lot of the time it takes sitting down and allowing ideas to develop through the sincerely human exchange that comes from our discovery sessions.

Contact is important to us, in every shape and form that it comes in. That’s why In Good Company are located on a main street. That’s why In Good Company don’t use swipe cards for entry. And that’s why we revel in any chance we get to meet our clients and deliver them the very best value.

We might work in a digital world, but our philosophy is bona fide and personal.

Let’s meet up some time!

In Good Company