In Good Company at The Taste of Wicklow

In Good Company aren’t just a digital agency, we also fancy ourselves as connoisseurs of fine food, which is why we couldn’t pass up the chance to work alongside The Taste of Wicklow  while enjoying all the fun and tasty treats the festival had to offer.


We can’t think of a better place to be than Wicklow Town bejewelled under the sun and throbbing with activity and laughter. When the town comes alive, it dances and it sings. That’s why we at In Good Company were excited to be a part of The Taste of Wicklow this year, a festival that brings out the very best our town has to offer.

Whether it was promoting the event, capturing moments in photo or video, or even helping to clean up the Abbey Grounds afterwards – this was easily one of our most exciting projects as of late. We pride ourselves on being a community-driven agency, and this two-day event was as community-driven as they come.

Saturday was a musical extravaganza, with both local talent and musicians from further afield coming together to put on a toe-tapping spectacle that had audience members throwing all kinds of shapes. Some shapes were great, some weren’t so great.

But what really mattered was that everyone enjoyed themselves in their own way, and so did we.  Whether it was alternative rock, jazz-infused electronic, Irish pop, or an outstanding display of dance – there was something there for everyone to enjoy.


While The Taste of Wicklow was an exhibition of all things that make our county great, it was the diverse range of food stalls that really worked up an appetite in all who attended, ourselves included.

We were treated to delicacies of every nature, from the interesting taste-combinations provided by The Lebanese House to the finger-licking and familiar aromas of The Fish Man, The Taste of Wicklow highlighted a very important part of our culture – we’re adventurous eaters, and we love to eat.

Sunday was a delight for both taste and scent, with each stall offering something unique, appetizing, and ultimately irresistible. The only critique one could make of this entire festival was the size of our eyes versus our bellies, as to even attempt to sample every single delicacy on offer by master chefs such as Paul Smith or Catherine Fulvio would leave any attendee with a stomach filled to its absolute capacity.

Being a part of The Taste of Wicklow was an absolute pleasure for us and we hope that you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. There is nothing quite like the experience of a community coming together under a shimmering sun and enjoying all the best of what life has to offer – fun, food, music, and each other.