Come all ye gallant Irishmen


Come all ye gallant Irishmen
And listen unto me.
I’ll sing for you a verse or two
That’s mixed with history.
I am a true-born Wicklowman,
And the same I’ll ne’er deny,
And my dwelling is surrounded by
The Wicklow Mountains high.

First stanza from “The Wicklow Mountains High”, Frank Quinn.

The rolling hills, mystifying forests, bustling towns, and beaches that lap up the Irish Sea – they all make up the unique patchwork of a home that never ceases to inspire us.

But the people of Wicklow are what really drives us. And whether they’re family, friends, know-to-sees, or beautiful strangers - our expansive community is as diverse and unique as the landscape that surrounds us.

We don’t just view Wicklow with a kind of awe, we also want it to be better. We want our communities to thrive and we want Wicklow to be one of the most essential spots on any map. Helping to grow local businesses isn’t just a job, it’s a passion that we’re proud of.

From the trains that roll up and down the coast to the ships that rock gently in the distance, we’ve got a not-so secret crush on this beautiful county, and we’re here to help it shine.

sarah longworth